In the early ‘80s, Paul and his father, Norban, and brother, Phillip, started raising registered Beefmaster cattle, a breed derived from Brahman, Hereford and Shorthorn.  Norban and Phillip built a foundation herd of 230 cows that were mostly sold to the commercial producer.

In 2006, we, Paul and Rhonda, bought more land outside Lockwood, Mo., and started the venture of raising our own herd of registered Beefmasters as Wallen Prairie Ranch.

Today, we use AI and natural breeding on our registered cows. We have a 90-day calving window both in the spring and fall to offer the most options for our customers. We strive to make better cattle every day. That's one reason  why we utilize AI and embryo transfers.

Today, we are constantly striving to create the best "real world" cattle possible that are feed efficient and the most profitable cattle we can raise. The Beefmaster breed has been the key to reaching these goals.

We do all weights and measures, birth weights, 205 day weights and 365 day weights. We also do 365 day ultrasounding on all our animals by a BBU Certified Technician as well as classification done by the BBU Field Service Representative. This provides us important data as well as information our customers can use to buy with confidence.

 We currently run about 150 registered females on our ranch located about 10 miles northeast of Lockwood, Missouri.
If you are in the southwest Missouri area, please stop by for a ranch tour.  We would love to show you our cattle!